Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Next up…

Howdy. I finally wanted to take a minute and post the plan for this year. I’ve had most of the month to decompress and think about what to do next. It’s been a nice break to not have the pressure of a schedule but I am ready to jump back in with both feet.

I was debating what to do (and honestly if I even should keep painting) but as I was working on that Edward Hopper copy (see #46 from last year) it became really clear. He could paint. He knew it well enough where he could say something. Sitting there looking at it I was just blown away and really want to harness whatever that is. The thing is it will take years, if not decades, of hard work to get there. So, am going to do another 100 paintings this year. They may be a drop in the bucket but it’s what I can commit to for right now.

My plan is to focus on small ones (6″ x 8″ types) and then use those to test out a few REALLY big ones throughout the year. You learn so much from the little ones and if something is going to stink I think it’s better to know it before you spend tons of time and money on a large canvas. I’m also going to focus more on the landscapes and mix in a few still life ones here and there.

I had gotten so behind last year and got so much faster that doing the 100 should be much easier this year. During the break I’ve actually painted 5 or 6 new ones so I’m pretty much on schedule.

We have a few crazy weeks here with birthdays and work so I will start posting back on February 15th and then roll out a couple a week like last year.

Alright, deep breath and… here we go.