Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Home Grown Tomatoes

No. 107 is actually from back in January and was a birthday gift for my Grandmother. I had already given one to my mom, dad and sister so now it was Granny’s turn.

I knew I wanted something with a gardening theme and tomatoes seemed like a natural choice. I liked this image too because some of my earliest memories with her were in Asheville at what was then my Great-Grandmother’s house. The moulding looks a lot like the kitchen window in that house and the tomatoes seem right at home in the corner.

The house in Asheville is a place where my Grandmother was born, grew up and eventually moved back to take care of my Great-Grandmother. I would go and stay for a week in the summer and have the time of my life riding through the fields on a tractor, playing in the creek and generally getting spoiled. Those were good times and I still appreciate every minute I got to spend with her there.

Market Street Bridge

No. 106 is a painting of one of the main bridges in Chattanooga. I did this originally as a watercolor back in 2003. When I first opened the Etsy store I added a number of watercolors from back then. The painting of the bridge sold a few weeks ago but when I went to ship it out I could not find it and discovered that I had misplaced a whole set of watercolors. It kills me because I know they are here somewhere but I’ve torn the house apart and can not find them.

I had to write the person who bought it, explain the situation and offered to do an oil of the same picture. So, that is where this painting came from. They were very understanding and everything worked out in the end.


This one was conceived last year but never executed for one reason or another. I’m glad that I finally painted it but the truth is I was afraid of it looking like a liquor ad from the 80’s.

The goal was to abstract it to just the raw brush strokes and see if it could read without a lot of work. Most of what you’re looking at is the base black under-painting. I was super happy with the tops of the bottles as those are just a few squiggley lines.

Such is Mango

Here’s No. 104 which is my first time painting a mango. It’s disorienting to try and paint the strange color shifts on this while still painting the light. I was irritated with this one at first but the more I’ve had it hanging around my studio the more I’ve grown to like it.

I’ve been on a roll lately but have been remiss about posting so I’ll try to speed up the posts a bit. Title is lifted from the awesome SNL skits with Chris Katan.