Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Trees XI

This one feels very similar to 145 in the tones. Nothing remarkably different. I did add back in the branches in the middle of the tree and am still working out how to paint these. Happy Halloween!

Trees X

This was an experiment and while it may look like a joke it was really helpful. I had done nine of these when I did this one but it was not until I painted this that I really understood the basic value structure of the trees. With the details abstracted it you are able to see the underlying light and how the overall shapes work. Nothing I’m going to hang on the wall but very cool to try out.

Trees IX

Here’s the ninth tree. I have been so incredibly swamped with work that I’ve not had a minute to post. I am finally starting to get comfortable with the composition and am able to start getting into a groove. Overall I was happy with this one and really liked the way the foreground area with the dirt.

Trees VIII

No. 144 is one of my favorite trees so far. I had been doing the sky green or yellow and for this one decided to give it more of a pink tinge. The tree tops are not great – could have been a lot better but the overall vibe felt right.

One other note on this one was that I painted it outside. It was just in our back yard but I wanted to see what it was like to paint outdoors. I have a little paintbox that also has an easel on and it works perfect for these little boards.

Trees VII

For 143 I went back to “normal” colors and also made a couple of decisions with the composition. The lighter part behind the trees in the foreground had been one solid mass of trees. In real life they were as tall as the main trees but here I’ve pushed them further back so you can see the tops. To me, it’s more interesting to see them from a distance so you get a greater sense of space.

Outside of the compositional decisions, this one is not great. The tree top in the foreground really stinks and it was discouraging to whiff after painting this a few times. But that is what this is all about.

Trees VI

After No. 141 I decided to push the color and see what happened. I had been looking at a book called Monet in London and was inspired to abstract the colors.  Ultimately, I don’t think it really works but it was good to try something totally different.