Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Egan’s Creek Greenway III

No. 203 is another version of the Egan’s Creek Greenway painting. I did two additional versions after number 201 to try a couple of alternate techniques. For this version, I painted an underpainting using a really thin coat of the local color in each area. This was so thin it was almost dripping and was intentionally a huge mess. The idea was to paint it like 201, but instead of the Burnt Sienna you would see a lighter, more free version of the same color underneath.

Overall I don’t think it works. It could have been the technique, or I might have been having a bad night. It just feels dull and lifeless compared to the earlier version. Worth a try though.

Backyard Pond

This was painted, plein air, in the backyard. Our new house has a Koi pond, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of that over the next few months. I’ve always wanted one, but Leslie would never let me build it. Something about digging a large hole in the yard, lots of water, fish and my “penchant for detail” made her hesitant to green light that project.

With the painting, I think it was a little much to take in and so I tackled it as best as I could do. I’m still learning so much with each one and so it takes painting something a number of times before I can really understand it. That is the good thing about this one though. It’s just a raw interpretation of what was right in front of me. Parts of it are a real mess but, for better or worse, that is what I saw.

Egan’s Creek Greenway II

Well, after a one year and seven month absence I am painting again and man does it feel good to be back. I have been painting sporadically over the break but I think taking some time off has helped a lot. Lots and lots of changes too, but everything is really good.

So, with the new one… this is a copy of No. 78 from 2010. I had always liked that image but felt like the first version was lacking a little bit. I tried out my new technique of putting the Burnt Sienna down first and then coming back on top with the color. I think it works a lot better.

I’m still working on the when/why/how of posting but for now I’m just painting and having fun doing it. We’ll see where it goes from here.

P.S. – As you can see, I’ve moved the site over to my own URL. It’s sort of a mess and there are huge chunks that are not done. I’ll be working on it over the coming weeks but excuse the mess for now.