Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Sea Island Courtyard

This was the last one from the workshop with Laurel. At that point in the weekend I was a little burnt out on painting the marsh / ocean and decided to try something different. The house we were painting at had this wall/gate with ivy growing over it that looked into their courtyard area. I loved the way the fountain blended into the door with warm and cool darks and wanted to try and capture it.

Early Morning Porch

On the last day of the workshop we had the opportunity to paint at a private home on Sea Island. Laurel did a demo for the first part of the morning and we had a little sliver of time to get started before lunch. I loved the way the light was hitting the entry porch but knew it would only last an hour (max) so I had to paint fast. This is a super quick sketch and it was fun to try and and out-paint the sun.


Here’s what the scene actually looked like.

Gascoigne Bluff

No. 234 was painted along the mashes at what’s knows as the¬†Gascoigne Bluff on St. Simons Island. There is a large stand of oak trees that form a net of branches and windows onto the marsh. I loved the contrast between the cool shadows of the trees and the warm, sunlit marsh and river.

St. Simons Marsh

The second day of our workshop we set-up along the marsh off St. Simons Island. There was a beautiful grove of huge oak trees that look out over the marsh and distant landscape.
I did not use an umbrella this day and learned a lot about why you need one. When I was painting this, in the brilliant sun, the color balance was just right, and it was nice and bright. When we brought them under-cover for a critique, I was shocked at how dark it turned out. Laurel helped explain that without the shade of an umbrella the tendency is to make the colors read right in the sun that means it will be dark indoors.