Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Ranch Gate Road Tree

This one is from my trip the California this summer. I was driving up this steep hill and loved the way the tree, power lines and shadows all worked together. Earlier I would have edited out the power pole/lines but I’m trying to work with what’s there and learn how to paint more complex scenes.

Jekyll Island Marsh III

Here’s the third attempt at the Jekyll Island Marsh scene. I wanted to try it on a linen panel and with a slightly different cropping.

Grazing in the Mist

He’s a little painting of the morning fog and mist in Chattanooga with a few cows grazing. I love painting scenes like this because it forces you to intensely look at what you are painting and not fall back on “rules.”

Highlands Garden Sunlight

I’ve been in a funk lately and had been staring at this canvas for almost two weeks before jumping in and finishing it. It’s a bit of a mess, but sometimes you have to complete something so you can move on. Or at least I do.

Haw Creek Trees

We’ve been having so much rain here in Georgia lately. One Saturday we had a window where was only misting and our family spent some time at a local park. It had been weeks since I painted outside, so I bright my small pochade kit and knocked this out while Evi played.

The Peach Bowl

Holy cow, this one is finally done. I’ve been noodling around with it for almost two years and got to the point where it had to be complete. At 48″ x 48″, this is the largest painting I’ve ever done. The canvas was so large that, after buying it from Hobby Lobby, I could not get it in either of our cars and had to call my Dad to bring his truck so I could get it home. I learned so much over the course of painting it and battled a serious aversion to working large. I’m just so glad it’s done and on our walls…

For perspective, here’s how the size compares to the study (No. 222 from 2013) so you can see proportionally how large it really is. Pretty crazy. Needless to say, I’m back to the small stuff this week.


Jekyll Island Marsh

Here’s a slightly larger version of No. 322. I did not capture what I wanted to with this one but it was a great exercise to work on how light moves across the marsh and trees.