Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Barnsley Path - Impressionist Painting by Adam Houston

Barnsley Path

Oil on Canvas

For the last few years, Randy Higbee Gallery has put on a show titled “6” Squared” where hundreds of artists all display 6″ x 6″ paintings. A few weeks ago, I received an email announcement about submitting artwork for the show and decided to give it a shot. Each artist was allowed to enter three paintings and I had two in my “private collection” (read: unsold), so I decided to paint one more to round out my group.

Leslie and I had visited Barnsley Gardens this past August and I took a ton of shots while we were there. If you are not familiar with the story, this guy named Godfrey Barnsley built an amazing house out in Adairsville, GA back in the 1840’s. His wife died while they were completing it, the civil war happened, it was struck by lightening – classic Victorian struggles. Like something out of a Henry James novel. Today, you can walk through the ruins of the house, and they’ve resurrected the original formal gardens. Needless to say, there are endless things to paint there. With my remaining 6″ x 6″ slot I chose one of the views from that trip.

I sent in my three paintings a couple weeks ago and, to my surprise, this little guy made it in. I’ve never submitted work to any kind of juried show and, for that matter, have never even been in any real art show. So, No. 216 is currently in Costa Mesa, CA getting framed and ready to be hung in the show. The opening is December 7th if you happen to be in the area and runs through Christmas.

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