Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Barn XI

Here’s the next to last one for the year. I had bigger plans for 199 & 200 but ran out of time and had to fall back to a barn I had started back in November. I had the base down and painted the rest of it today. Actually it was kind of fun to circle back around to this guy after so many of the paintings from the beach.

Two Pomegranates I

Same basic set-up but now with two pomegranates. Hard to believe after being SO far behind I am this close to being done for 2011.

Pomegranate III

This is the last of this first group and I think I like it best. I used a base of Burnt Umber and it was at about 50% opacity so the base was relatively dark. I just like being able to let the raw/toned canvas show through instead of using a color to lighten it.

Pomegranate II

Second of the pomegranates and it’s pretty similar to 194. This one uses less white and has a nicer red but the other one felt more round.

Pomegranate I

Here’s the first of the pomegranates. I decided to do three that are the exact same to see how close (or how not close) they look when I am painting the same subject at essentially the same time. I was also experimenting with different base colors. The one started on a light yellow ochre.

Three Bosc Pears

No. 192 has three of the Bosc pears. I wanted to get into a little bit of a groove before attempting three in a single painting. I think this will be the last of the 6 x 8’s for the year. The rest of the ones I have planned are on nicer (gallery wrap) or different sizes canvas. If my count is right I’ve done 55 of the 6″ x 8″ ones in a row so it’s nice to see the final one of these for the year.

Bosc Pear II

For this one I wanted to really work on the tones (vs. 190) and give it a lot more warmth. After looking at the two together No. 190 looks a little peakid. It’s still not 100% accurate color wise but I think it skews in a better direction here.

Bosc Pear I

I had intended to start with some pomegranates but while I was at the store I saw these Bosc pears and wanted to give them a shot. I painted tons of pears last year but they’ve been out of the mix for 2011. So it was fun to revisit my friends. This one is alright but the color is off. After I finished it and looked at the real thing it’s more tan/red and less green.


Here’s the finished version of Eschaton that will be seen on the bottle and packaging. You can click on the image to see a detail view. I think they’ll be printing it next month and so it will probably be in stores by January/February. Thanks to Chris Rank for the shot of the painting and making it look so nice.

I think I am going to paint some Pomegranates next. They were fun to paint last year and I have four or five of these nice square canvases that they would look great on. Hopefully.

Eschaton (Study)

Now that we’re through all the beach paintings I wanted to share a couple of the latest ones for Wild Heaven Craft Beers. Their third, and newest, beer is called Eschaton and so for the artwork I needed to go all “end times” and find something that worked with the name. I decided to base this one on the engraving of the Four Horsemen by Albrecht Dürer. These little studies for the beers are always sort of a mess but this one was REALLY a mess and caused me to slow down and really consider how the larger one needed to come together.