American Impressionist Oil Painter

Fountain at Barnsley Gardens

Oil on Canvas Panel
8" x 6"

This painting features a view of the fountain at Barnsley Gardens outside of Adairsville, GA. I’ve done a few from Barnsley in the past, and this fountain is in the formal gardens near the old manor. If I remember correctly, the whole estate fell into disrepair after the house burnt down and all of the gardens were essentially lost. So the boxwoods and shrubs just overgrew everything and I’m guessing this guy was hidden amongst all of that for years.

On this particular painting I was really trying to explore a more unified color palette and then make it all about the warms and the cools of the light on the fountain. I find myself time and time again trying to be too literal with the color and this was an attempt at conveying the feeling of the scene vs. the reality.

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