American Impressionist Oil Painter

Lake Lanier Sunset

Oil on Canvas Panel
14" x 11"

Here’s number 300. For this year, it marks the halfway point but it still feels like a big milestone. I’m so glad this one was No. 300 because it’s a summation of where I’ve been up to this point.

This is the largest thing I’ve ever painted Plein air, and I could not have even attempted something like this without great teachers along the way. I wanted to try an 11” x 14” because Caleb told me I should be painting larger. I was able to work through my composition and colors because of what Laurel taught me. I was able to quickly block-in and nail my underpainting because of what Barbara taught me. I’m thankful for them and everyone I’ve met during these few years. It’s so rewarding to grow and see things starting to get better.

I feel very much in the middle right now. I’ve gotten over an initial hill and can clearly see where I need to improve and what needs a lot of work. That can be overwhelming, but there is a peace that comes with finally seeing what should come next. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m excited to keep painting!

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