American Impressionist Oil Painter

Making Hay

Oil on Linen Panel
8" x 16"

Here’s a Plein Air piece featuring a field near Duluth, GA. It was painted as part of the Paint Duluth event in 2017. The odd thing about Plein Air events is that when the sun comes up you just go paint. There are really only two full days to paint and you’ve got to get out and make the most of the time.

The weather was threatening rain all day but I got my gear together and proceeded to try and get something in. Out of nowhere the clouds parted and for a nice two hour window it was just perfect painting weather. So I was literally trying to make hay while the sun shined.

This was one of those moments too where things just clicked. I had been working like crazy on painting in the months leading up to this and it was so refreshing to be able to let it flow out and onto the canvas.

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