Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Home Grown Tomatoes - Impressionist Painting by Adam Houston

Home Grown Tomatoes

Oil on Canvas Panel|8" x 8"

No. 107 is actually from back in January and was a birthday gift for my Grandmother. I had already given one to my mom, dad and sister so now it was Granny’s turn.

I knew I wanted something with a gardening theme and tomatoes seemed like a natural choice. I liked this image too because some of my earliest memories with her were in Asheville at what was then my Great-Grandmother’s house. The moulding looks a lot like the kitchen window in that house and the tomatoes seem right at home in the corner.

The house in Asheville is a place where my Grandmother was born, grew up and eventually moved back to take care of my Great-Grandmother. I would go and stay for a week in the summer and have the time of my life riding through the fields on a tractor, playing in the creek and generally getting spoiled. Those were good times and I still appreciate every minute I got to spend with her there.

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