Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

30a Pines V

This one is a new interpretation of No. 186 and No. 168 from 2011. I was so completely out of gas with the ones from Florida by the time I did that 186 that I wanted to go back and see what was really there. It was interesting to revisit that same composition after having some distance to process everything and boil down my technique a little more.

Tupelo Street Gazebo

This is based on No. 169 from 2011. I had painted that one in Seaside while we were there and always really liked the feel of it. After doing a few of the Egan’s Creek ones I realized I could go back to any of the ones I’ve done to revisit them and try to learn more.

I can still remember walking around the corner and seeing this guy in the light. The back corner of Seaside is really quiet and it was just me and the gazebo that morning. Fun to go back and revisit it.

30a Pines IV

Last one of the beach/Seaside paintings here. I think I did 21 in total which is hard to believe. We were only really there for five days so that was a lot of source material. The pace and the consistent subject were wearing me down here and it’s pretty weak. Still a good exercise to try and do one that is more loose.

30a Pines III

This is exactly the same image as No. 168 when I was first starting this series. I think I am getting really tired of paining these scenes so some of this is running out of gas. It’s still interesting to see the differences. It felt like a mess when I was painting it but if you squat that is what it looked like.

Gulf Sunset

This was a tricky one. The sky & water started out blue when I got it to a point it somewhat expected so I decided to mix it up and try to do something with the colors. To give it more interest I just moved the clock ahead and few hours and turned it into a sunset vs a mid day scene. What’s cool is that when I went back in with the yellow it actually gave the trees more of a shimmering feel vs. straight lines.

Lily Pads II

Here is another one with the lily pads. I decided to experiment a little bit with this one and go with a more impasto (super thick) type of application on the paint. I laid the base down with a brush and then put the final layer on using a palette knife. I’ve never really used the knife to apply paint so it felt a little strange.  That said, I think I like this one better than No. 173.

Beachside Road

Alright – made it to No. 75 for the year. I should have been here in October but at least I am starting to catch up. Basically I have one day of wiggle room to get done in time for 2011 so here’s hoping I don’t hit a creative wall.

This painting comes from Grayton Beach state park. We rode our bikes down a ways and hung out in the park for a few hours. There were some beautiful, untouched dunes along the path that I wanted to paint.

Lily Pads

Lily pads are like cat nip for painters. You know they’ve been done before but there is a siren call that calls you to paint them. I pulled off the road and saw this marsh/lake with these guys and knew we were going to be friends.

The funny thing about this painting is that I was focusing on the lily pads and did not really stress about the reflection of the trees and I think that is what I like best about this one.

Pines at Watercolor

This one was painted outside along a lake inside Watercolor. There were a ton of people around and I don’t like people coming up to me so I hiked out a little bit. This one reminded me a bit of my trees from October and it was fun to try one in the wilderness after all that practice.

Seaside Gazebo

No. 169 is from inside Seaside. Towards the northeast of the community there is this little roundabout with a Gazebo in the center. I had gotten out early to try and capture some of the sunrise light and liked the way the light hit this guy.