Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

30a Pines V

This one is a new interpretation of No. 186 and No. 168 from 2011. I was so completely out of gas with the ones from Florida by the time I did that 186 that I wanted to go back and see what was really there. It was interesting to revisit that same composition after having some distance to process everything and boil down my technique a little more.

Egan’s Creek Greenway IV

No. 205 is the last of the Egan’s Creek ones for a while. When I put the underpainting down on 203, I also did the underpainting for this one. Instead of a light, loose version I opted for a darker version of the exact color that would be eventually visible. So, instead of just seeing the Burnt Sienna through the broken color you can see a darker version of what is there. I think it works really well on the sky and helped to keep the light and shadows defined.

One other thing to note is that I’ve started putting these back on Etsy. You should see an “Available” button beneath the painting which that will take you over to my Etsy store. Since I was last posting the’ve added “options” as well, so I am now offering the paintings framed or unframed.

Kayaks for Rent

This is actually the same image that is in 177. I cropped in on the little rental shop and took out all the buildings at the top of the dune. Same deal here as 184 – trying to shape a physical object and get the paint to reflect the different planes of space.

Gulf Sunset

This was a tricky one. The sky & water started out blue when I got it to a point it somewhat expected so I decided to mix it up and try to do something with the colors. To give it more interest I just moved the clock ahead and few hours and turned it into a sunset vs a mid day scene. What’s cool is that when I went back in with the yellow it actually gave the trees more of a shimmering feel vs. straight lines.

Seaside Sunset

This ended up being as tricky to paint as I thought it would be. The sky was so brilliant that it’s almost impossible to really paint. It was a busy weekend and I have about seven other paintings in the works and should be back on track over the next few days.

Seaside Pavilion

No. 177 features one of the pavilions at Seaside, FL. I was a little worried about this one because there was so much detail in the houses behind the pavilion but I just painted what I saw when I squinted.

Beach Pine

I probably should have gone back and worked this one a little more. It’s a tad blobby but that is what I wanted to experiment with. There was no real way to paint all the bushes and greenery behind the tree so I tired to make the dabs of color do the work.

Pines at Watercolor

This one was painted outside along a lake inside Watercolor. There were a ton of people around and I don’t like people coming up to me so I hiked out a little bit. This one reminded me a bit of my trees from October and it was fun to try one in the wilderness after all that practice.

Seaside Gazebo

No. 169 is from inside Seaside. Towards the northeast of the community there is this little roundabout with a Gazebo in the center. I had gotten out early to try and capture some of the sunrise light and liked the way the light hit this guy.

30a Pines II

This is another painting off the road on 30a in Florida. It’s a decent start but there was so much going on in the image that I was having a hard time boiling it down. I was painting with too big of a brush to really finish anything this size but it serves it’s purpose. This is one for sure that I want to come back to later.