Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Listada de Gandia (Plate)

Alright, last one of the eggplants. This particular variety of eggplant has a lot of white in it (little white stripes) and I was getting frustrated because the other two paintings were coming out so light. So with 131 I decided not to use white at all and let the white of the canvas do the work.

I was shocked at how much more vibrant the ended up being. It’s not very realistic (the actual vegetable had more white in it) but I love the way the color pops.

Listada de Gandia (Blue)

No. 130 is another of the baby eggplants, this time on a bright blue. I was still trying to keep it real fresh and loose with this one and I think the brushwork is a little better vs. 128. I was able to get one more of these done before we fried them up for lunch.

Listada de Gandia (Green)

Leslie recently went down to visit her mom and brought back a bunch of these little light purple eggplants. They were probably 1/4 of the size of what you see in the grocery store and had these white stripes all through them. I looked it up and they are an Italian variety called Listada de Gandia which sounds much cooler than eggplant. Italians are great at making everyday things sound amazing.

After all those sepia toned paintings from last month I think I wanted to get some color on the canvas. Same issue with the loose nature of this one. I was tired of making things so tight and wanted to give this a little more life.