Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

30a Pines IV

Last one of the beach/Seaside paintings here. I think I did 21 in total which is hard to believe. We were only really there for five days so that was a lot of source material. The pace and the consistent subject were wearing me down here and it’s pretty weak. Still a good exercise to try and do one that is more loose.

30a Pines III

This is exactly the same image as No. 168 when I was first starting this series. I think I am getting really tired of paining these scenes so some of this is running out of gas. It’s still interesting to see the differences. It felt like a mess when I was painting it but if you squat that is what it looked like.

Kayaks for Rent

This is actually the same image that is in 177. I cropped in on the little rental shop and took out all the buildings at the top of the dune. Same deal here as 184 – trying to shape a physical object and get the paint to reflect the different planes of space.

Sundog Books

No. 184 is a painting of the Sundog Book store in Seaside. I am playing catch-up with these posts so I’l keep it short. Really trying to form the building out of color and give it weight without using back and white.

Seaside Sunset

This ended up being as tricky to paint as I thought it would be. The sky was so brilliant that it’s almost impossible to really paint. It was a busy weekend and I have about seven other paintings in the works and should be back on track over the next few days.