Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Potted Ivy II

I wanted to try the potted ivy again but this time do it with a whole different color family. This one started using a panel that had been toned with burnt sienna and that definitely helped set the mood. The problem with that was that the density of the underpainting made it almost impossible to add a “sunlight” feel to the painting. That and the yellows acted funky on the darker base. It was a nice try but not what I was really after.

Potted Ivy

This one was actually painted at the same time as 202, but all I put down at the time was a Burnt Sienna base. I had a hard time grasping the colors with 202 and decided to get the basics down and come back once it dried to experiment, indoors, with the color side of it. There are some things about this one that are better but at the same time I think 202 had a liveliness that is lacking in 204. It could be the composition too. The ivy in the pot gets a bit lost, but it felt good to look at this from another angle.

Backyard Pond

This was painted, plein air, in the backyard. Our new house has a Koi pond, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of that over the next few months. I’ve always wanted one, but Leslie would never let me build it. Something about digging a large hole in the yard, lots of water, fish and my “penchant for detail” made her hesitant to green light that project.

With the painting, I think it was a little much to take in and so I tackled it as best as I could do. I’m still learning so much with each one and so it takes painting something a number of times before I can really understand it. That is the good thing about this one though. It’s just a raw interpretation of what was right in front of me. Parts of it are a real mess but, for better or worse, that is what I saw.