Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Lemon Bowl

Happy Easter! I hope you had a good one.

After a week off from the blog I am back at it. I had gotten behind and it was becoming impossible to start and finish one in a single night. So, I took the last week and got four or five started. It was good to work without any pressure and I’ve got some fun stuff lined up for the next couple of weeks.

So, here is number 24 – a bowl of lemons. I have been trying to push out a little bit. Instead of just a single piece of fruit on a clean background we now have seven different lemons and a bowl. It’s still relatively simple but the complexity it adds to the process is tricky. You have shadows and light all over the place instead of a single problem to solve.

See you Thursday…

Lemon Aid

Here’s number nine. I’m finally feeling 100% and it’s good to be back at it. Had some space yesterday to finish the final lemon and that is who is on the docket today. This is another one of those that was essentially painted three times before I was happy with it.

The green background was actually Leslie’s idea. I’m already starting to lose it so it took me a minute to figure out that “pimento” was not the color I was aiming for. That was pistachio…

Fun stuff lined up for next week too. I got an Origami book and am already experimenting with the creatures. That and lots of cherries.

This is an 8″ x 8″ oil painting on canvas board. Here is the Etsy link if you are interested in purchasing my friend the lemon.

I Should Have Quit You, Long Time Ago

For those of you paying attention that’s a wink and a nod to The Lemon Song. It was just a matter of time before that Led Zeppelin tune popped-up here somewhere. It’s (almost) too easy but in this case it’s ironic.

Truth is, I should have quit number seven a long time ago but I worked it and worked it until we got here. Normally that is an express lane to an awful painting but in this case the texture kept getting better and better so I let it go. The background was white, then blue, then white again but now you see all that showing through. I did this one too with that orange underpainting I’ve been playing with and it’s showing through the lemons.

This is an 8″ x 10″ painting that was done using oils on canvas board. If interested, you can purchase the painting at this link.

The Squeeze

Here’s number six – lemons again but a little different. This is a straight on shot and I was trying something different with the underpainting. For this one I painted the entire background black and then laid the paint on top of that. The shadow under the lemon is actually the underpainting and I left a lot of gritty texture showing through. Also, it’s on a gallery wrapped canvas so I painted the sides black and it looks nice even if it’s not framed. That’s all for now – see you Sunday…

You can purchase this painting at my Etsy store at this link.

Man Makes a Picture

Any self respecting U2 fan would instantly know we could only be talking about one thing. Lemons. It was nice to part from the pears but who knew that lemons could be so hard to paint.

For starters, they’re not yellow. Well, not like you would think. They are almost green in places and very reflective leading to weird shadows and reflected light. The first ones I tried ended up looking like golden eggs. But I pulled it together and ended up with the painting above.

This one was interesting. I started with a strong orange undercoat. You can still see pieces of that poking through around the edges of the lemons. Then I put a green background in which did not work but instead of gessoing over it I left it and put the blue one right on top of it. Leslie had the idea to not go edge-to-edge with it and let some of the green stay on there which I really love.

So, there you go. Number five is in the can and we will be dealing with lemons for a week or two. If you want to buy this guy here is the link.