Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Origami Duck (Blue)

Here is second of the Origami Ducks, Number 52. This blue one is almost an exact mirror image of the last painting. Origami is so design driven that I thought it would be fun to try something like this where they work alone and together.

One programming note is that I will pretty much be posting daily from here on out to No. 100. I want to be done ahead of the Christmas and so that leaves me with just a little bit of wiggle room. We’ll see how it goes but it should be fun to try it.

Origami Duck (Red)

No. 51 is another Origami one. This time it’s a duck. I had done a couple of these way back at the beginning of the year and wanted to try a couple more. This is the first of two that are mirror images of each other. This one is in red and 52 is in blue.

I actually made the duck, put it on a red shirt and painted it from life. Also, this was the one that finally got me to get some actual fabric to paint these on. I had this shirt from Miller Brothers that was very expensive but it was the right color red so I used it. Afterwards I realized how dumb it would have been to ruin that shirt for a $15 painting. So now I have lots of different bases to use instead of the clothes off my back.

The blue one will go up tomorrow. Later!

A Lack of Color

Here we are with the second of the cranes. Instead of worrying about the color I decided (on the advice of Rank) to go with more of a white on white type of deal. Maybe it’s because this is the second crane but I was really feeling it on this one. This was actually done in one sitting (minus the orange underpainting) and it was soooo nice to get it right and not have to beat it into submission.

Title is lifted from the great song off DCFC’s Transatlanticism:
If you feel discouraged, That there’s a lack of color here
Please don’t worry lover, It’s really bursting at the seams
For absorbing everything, The spectrum’s a to z

How good is that? Nerdy AND sensitive. So, Number 10 is in the books. The 90 left in front of me makes me worried but I’m taking it one painting at a time. Which sounds like a bad sitcom.

This is an 8″ x 10″ oil painting on canvas board. You can buy No. 10 off my Etsy store at this link. Thanks!

The Crane Wife I

Late Thursday but at least I made it. And look, it’s a bird – an origami bird.

I was sick this week but am finally feeling better and was able to get this guy complete. There is still one more lemon but it was still too wet to work again and in lieu of trying to sell a hot mess I opted for the crane.

So, Origami. Some people get it and some people scratch their heads. Hang with me and let me see if I can make you a believer. I like this painting but in some ways it’s a warm up. I think these are going to be really fun.

And the cranes too… so much there. This story. It’s awful sad but inspiring at the same time. I had a thought to paint 1,000 cranes and then quickly pushed that aside. File under: insane.

Title is from the great Decemberists album but you already knew that right? Now it’s time for NiQuil.

You can purchase this painting on my Etsy store at this link.