Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Three Bosc Pears II

Here is a larger version of the same scene in No 192. It felt really good to work on a stretched canvas again and have a little more room to work with on these guys. This is the last of the pears too – finally time to move onto the pomegranates next.

Three Bosc Pears

No. 192 has three of the Bosc pears. I wanted to get into a little bit of a groove before attempting three in a single painting. I think this will be the last of the 6 x 8’s for the year. The rest of the ones I have planned are on nicer (gallery wrap) or different sizes canvas. If my count is right I’ve done 55 of the 6″ x 8″ ones in a row so it’s nice to see the final one of these for the year.

Bosc Pear II

For this one I wanted to really work on the tones (vs. 190) and give it a lot more warmth. After looking at the two together No. 190 looks a little peakid. It’s still not 100% accurate color wise but I think it skews in a better direction here.

Bosc Pear I

I had intended to start with some pomegranates but while I was at the store I saw these Bosc pears and wanted to give them a shot. I painted tons of pears last year but they’ve been out of the mix for 2011. So it was fun to revisit my friends. This one is alright but the color is off. After I finished it and looked at the real thing it’s more tan/red and less green.

Two Pears and an Apple

This one is sort of a warm-up exercise. We went to the beach for Thanksgiving and I have a new set-up to paint while away from the home studio that I wanted to try out. The new easel is a Guerrilla Painter Thumb Box and I also bought a brush carrier so I can start painting plein air.
When we got in it was really overcast and rainy so I had to set-up inside to give it all a try. They had some really nice fake fruit so I sat down and painted what I had. It was good to try this out indoors and get my feet wet while it was nasty outside.

Pear on Blue II

Back to the fruit again. I had drifted into some harder stuff at the end of 2010 and felt like now was a good time to get back into a still life. I’m trying to do simple composition, painted from life to help me get back in a groove. This one was harder than where I left off but it felt great to be back working on these again.

Three Pears

Here’s Number 74. It’s another of the 16″ x 8″ ones and probably the last of the pears for this year. I was a little worried about trying one this big with three pears but it in the end it came together. I am going to miss painting them while I finish the others but will revisit them next year and hopefully on a larger canvas. This one was getting comfortable on our wall but a friend bought it and so it’s off to another home.

Pears for Leslie

Here’s No. 70 which is from much earlier in the year – probably around number 5 or 6. After I finished it Leslie decided it was going to stay off the market and be a part of our “private collection.” Because I had the idea to progressively increase the price of each painting it made no sense to put one up that was not for sale so I let it stay out of the loop of this blog. I’ve loved this one since I finished it and thought it would be a shame not to share the nooks and crannies of this journey in addition to the ones that end up on Etsy. Plus, I’m trying to paint 100 paintings which is really freaking hard and every one counts.

I’ve a couple more like this to post on Wednesday and Thursday before getting back to the regular ones.

Pear on Blue

Here’s No. 65. Just a single pear this time and I used some of the new blue background fabric to mix up the back a little bit. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done three of these in a row or what but this one felt so right. It’s exactly the way I want to paint but wrangling it sometimes seems impossible. I guess that is what practice is for. If you hit the right note enough times you start to learn where it is. This is the last of the pears for a while. I’ve got a few more landscapes coming up.

The Standoff

For number 64 I tried to do a little more with the composition and make it more dynamic. The original idea had the pears ganging up on the apple but once I got it on the canvas it looked more like the apple is bossing them around. For some reason too the brushwork was a lot more loose too and this one was especially fun to paint.