Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Sunlit Mums

Les had bought some mums in the Fall, and these looked perfect in the light. I set up my easel on the front porch to tried and capture them.

Watering Can

This is a little painting of a watering can on our back porch. After not painting for a couple of weeks I felt like I needed to do something, so I grabbed the pochade box and knocked this out one afternoon. It’s not great but sometimes you have to take a simple, and possibly clumsy, step to start walking again.

Out of the Woods II

No. 212 is a sort of throw-back to No. 27 from 2010. It’s not really a copy of that painting but was painted it from the same spot so it feels the similar. It’s insane to look at the two side-by-side to see the differences between now and then. I don’t think I could have possibly painted something like 212 back then. A big difference with the two is that 212 was painted plein air at the park whereas I worked on No. 27 for days.

Sunlit Hydrangea

No. 209 is a scene from the backyard. Our house has probably six or seven really pretty hydrangea bushes in the backyard and the way the light hit this one was really nice one afternoon. I did the underpainting using Burnt Sienna en plein air and added the colors after it had dried.

Backyard Pond

This was painted, plein air, in the backyard. Our new house has a Koi pond, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of that over the next few months. I’ve always wanted one, but Leslie would never let me build it. Something about digging a large hole in the yard, lots of water, fish and my “penchant for detail” made her hesitant to green light that project.

With the painting, I think it was a little much to take in and so I tackled it as best as I could do. I’m still learning so much with each one and so it takes painting something a number of times before I can really understand it. That is the good thing about this one though. It’s just a raw interpretation of what was right in front of me. Parts of it are a real mess but, for better or worse, that is what I saw.

Pines at Watercolor

This one was painted outside along a lake inside Watercolor. There were a ton of people around and I don’t like people coming up to me so I hiked out a little bit. This one reminded me a bit of my trees from October and it was fun to try one in the wilderness after all that practice.