Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Gulf Sunset

This was a tricky one. The sky & water started out blue when I got it to a point it somewhat expected so I decided to mix it up and try to do something with the colors. To give it more interest I just moved the clock ahead and few hours and turned it into a sunset vs a mid day scene. What’s cool is that when I went back in with the yellow it actually gave the trees more of a shimmering feel vs. straight lines.

Seaside Sunset

This ended up being as tricky to paint as I thought it would be. The sky was so brilliant that it’s almost impossible to really paint. It was a busy weekend and I have about seven other paintings in the works and should be back on track over the next few days.

Sunset, The Meadows II

I think I finally started to feel back in the groove with this one. Same day and basic place as No. 90 but I did it on a longer canvas and did not use the black under painting so the colors could really pop.

There is a business park we pass through all the time where my office used to be and near where my parents live. If there is a great sunset I always take this little cut-through road that is basically the highest point in that park. This painting is right at the crest of that hill where all you can see is the road dipping back down and the sky. No one ever uses that road so I just stopped the car, got in the middle of the road and took a photo.