Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Pines at Watercolor

This one was painted outside along a lake inside Watercolor. There were a ton of people around and I don’t like people coming up to me so I hiked out a little bit. This one reminded me a bit of my trees from October and it was fun to try one in the wilderness after all that practice.

30a Pines II

This is another painting off the road on 30a in Florida. It’s a decent start but there was so much going on in the image that I was having a hard time boiling it down. I was painting with too big of a brush to really finish anything this size but it serves it’s purpose. This is one for sure that I want to come back to later.

30a Pines I

No. 167 was taken from the road on Highway 30a. I love that drive down 30a and there are so many areas where you see the ocean on your right and these lakes/ponds on your left. This one needs some work but it’s a good start. I think once I get through a big set of these beach scenes I will circle around and paint this again.

Clock Tower at Watercolor

This is a painting of the clock tower that is with all the shops at Watercolor in Florida. I had to sketch this five or six times to figure out how all the different elements fit together before trying to paint this. It looks easy once you get it down but all the detail was dizzying at first.