Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Peach Bowl IV

Here is the last of the peach bowl paintings and the last one for the year from me. It’s sort of an odd composition and cropping but we ended up liking this one best and I did the 48″ x 48″ with this layout. That one is not done but I’ll post it once it’s finished up. Happy new year!

Peach Bowl III

Here’s the third of the 6″ x 6″ Peach Bowl paintings. It’s almost identical to 2017 and the only real difference is the angle and cropping of the bowl. It felt too symmetrical in 217 so I tried to vary the weight a little bit.

Sepia Peaches

I felt like something was off with the earlier Peach Bowl paintings and decided to step back and think about the way I was approaching it. Instead of doing the Burnt Sienna underpainting, I had jumped straight to the color and so I decided to try one as a monotone. In the Richard Schmid book, Alla Prima, he talks about monotone paintings being basically drawings. So, with this version, I was basically taking some time to stop and draw the composition before moving on with the color.

Peach Bowl II

Here is the second of the peach bowl paintings. I was trying a different arrangement here to look at more of a 3/4 view vs. directly above. I never really got this one where I wanted to. The blue shadows on the bottom are a little too hot but it was worth a shot.

Peach Bowl

Here is the first of what will probably be several paintings of peaches. Leslie had requested a huge painting of some peaches in our dining room so this is the beginning of that process. We bought a bag from a fruit stand this summer on our way back from the country and I specifically picked one out that still had the leaves attached. It’s also fun because we found the antique wooden bowl on the same trip. They are a nice reminder of the summer in this cold, wet weather..

Summer Peaches

No. 134 is the peaches again. Peaches are strange because is certain lights the fuzz makes them look whiter than they are. With 132 I had brought more of the white into it and with this one I wanted to see what they looked like with more of the pure color.

Adam Tisdale

I’ve spent the better part of 17 years (yikes) calling my good friend, Adam Tisdale, by the name of Peaches. As I remember, it happened a day or two after we rolled into Athens. Our campus ministry, WDA, had a back-to-school cookout / volleyball game and, as newly minted freshman, people naturally wanted to know our names.

Someone said “how are we going to keep you two straight” after both of us answered with “Adam” and without even thinking I replied “I’m Adam, his name is Peaches.” And for some reason it stuck. So from August 1994 on, Adam Tisdale was known as Peaches in our circles.

After spending 17 years calling him Peaches it seemed perfectly obvious to title a painting of two peaches “Adam Tisdale.” At least to me.

This one is a birthday present for Pastor Tisdale and hopefully it will be a reminder of the good times we had as fresh-faced Freshman playing volleyball in Maxeys, GA one night in August.

Three Peaches

Here’s number 43. Same deal as the last three and the more I did these the better I felt. This one in particular seemed to just happen. Sometimes when you get into it things just click and before you know it the painting is done. Those are the good ones. I was feeling under the weather towards the end of last week so I’ll try to post several over the next few days.

The Peach Bowl II

Same bowl, same peaches for number 42 but this time I really focused and tried to push it. This was done in one sitting but I was much more intentional about making every stroke count.

I was really scared, after the long break, of falling back into trying to make them perfect so the last few have been pretty loose (for me.) They felt alright and I could see that creating something without beating it to death was possible. With 42 I’m now trying to take that and sharpen it.

From here on out (so far) things have felt better and I’m looking forward to posting the new ones.

The Peach Bowl

Sticking with the sepia tones here and back to fruit after a nice long break. We bought this bag of peaches that were not very good to eat so I decided to put them to good use and at least get some paintings out of the deal.

This one is a little sloppy but it’s exactly what I needed. I’ve been pushing hard to try and get at the essence of things and at least try a to be a little more free with it.